Lisa Salon Concepts 952-934-0000
Lisa Salon Concepts 952-934-0000

Hair Color from All -Nutrient

Hair color from Nature

Hair color fades when exposed to UV rays, heat styling, and sulfates, which strip the color from the hair. The hair needs to be protected in order to counteract potential damage. Hair color can also appear dull and lifeless when products contain an overabundance of plastics. These cause a buildup in the hair, making it appear dingy and drab.

Cutting-edge technology integrates proven color-retention benefits to help hair color, hair tinting, highlights, ombre last longer. All-Nutrient hair care products are free of sulfates and plastics, leaving hair feeling soft, nourished, and supremely conditioned – all while intensifying the color of the hair. Further, our protein-enriched formulas lock in hair color, so it does not fade, nor wash out with each shampoo.

Below are some of the innovative ingredients that we use to enrich the vibrancy and longevity of color-treated hair, highlights, ombre while protecting it from external damage, in order to achieve maximum vitality.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil. This organic oil possesses strong activity against free radicals, prolonging the color of color-treated hair. Its effective free radical scavenger reduces the fading of dyes. The oil’s powerhouse component, Heliogenol™, is to thank for this miracle. This concentrated glycolic extract of sunflower seeds is titrated in polyphenols, which makes it possible for all of our products to protect and repair 100% of damage caused by free radicals of any nature and origin.
  • Vitamin E. This super-antioxidant protects the hair from environmental damage (mainly from UV rays and chemicals traced in medications and certain foods) and shields color from fading.
  • Avocado Oil. The natural oil prevents UV damage by blocking the Sun’s rays from breaking down the different dye molecules to extend the life of hair color.

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